The Voice Nook is a safe, comfortable, nurturing and inviting online space for individuals to build confidence, embrace their authentic selves, and share their gifts with the wider world. 

At our core, we all want to be seen, heard, and valued in the midst of all of the noise.  That said, “owning your voice” looks and feels different for everyone, therefore on this site you will find information, inspiration and instruction on a wide variety of interrelated topics that all center around a main theme:

“What does it mean to have a voice?”

The Voice Nook is run by Samantha Whitehouse, owner of InnerVoice Vocal Studio.  Sam has been a voice, performance, communication, and authenticity coach and facilitator for well over a decade.  Throughout her career, she has helped hundreds of people from across the country – and around the world, build confidence and community through the exploration of self-expression.





The Voice Nook believes in helping individuals transform their lives by helping them find their authentic voice.

We believe that each person has a fundamental right to feel safe in this world.  We believe that confident and healthy self-expression is a foundational component in the work of building a compassionate, empathetic and healthy society. 

We believe in creating a safe and nurturing environment in which each individual has the opportunity to experience and understand their unique voice in an entirely new and immensely powerful way.

We believe in creating an inclusive space in which to promote loving connection, as well as to explore and work through complex issues, build awareness, promote learning, and support the growth of healthy communities through individual and shared personal development.





Self-expression is a richly layered concept that impacts almost every area of a person’s life. 

The intention of this website is to shine a light on, and open a dialogue about a variety of topics all centered around a main theme:

We will organize our ideas under three main categories:


This category will hold articles around a variety of topics, book reviews, interviews, and other conversation starters.


We’ll share words of encouragement, questions to get your creativity flowing, and ideas for cultivating a clear and confident mindset here.


Here you’ll find tips, tricks, and practice steps you can take to further your own self-expression practice.






The Voice Nook respects your privacy and we will never, ever share, sell or share your information.

We reserve the right to share comments posted on this site for marketing and educational purposes.


We expect our community to behave with integrity and respect, even when in disagreement.  We reserve the right to remove comments and users who promote hate speech and bullying, or who otherwise seek to intentionally harm this community platform and/or its members.


The Voice Nook places advertisements on our posts to financially support our mission.  We pledge to continuously monitor our advertising content, remove anything that is unethical or antithetical to the mission, and to hold our advertisers accountable.




Menlo Park, CA




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